About Infogineering

Infogineering™ is a system that seeks to explain why information is valuable, and how to make the information you create and consume more valuable.

The aim is to provide a series of generic principles that allows you to take any form of information – such as an email, report, poster – and quickly make dramatic improvements to it.

Rather than just providing a series of tips, it explains why you should do things, rather than just what to do.

This site covers the basics of Infogineering, and also explores other wider issues affecting information workers.

Infogineering was created by Neil Ingebrigtsen. Neil holds a Masters Degree in Information Management, and an Honours Degree in Engineering – both from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Special Note: As a work in progress, some of the ideas featured are still under development – and more recent additions may contradict earlier work. This site should therefore not be considered the “definitive guide” to Infogineering.

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