The Infogineering Model

The infogineering model explains how data, information, knowledge and decisions all relate to each other. For more details on what each of these terms means, click here.

Infogineering Model

Firstly, there are the raw facts of the world. We call them data. We used to (and animals still do) primarily understand the world through what we experience directly. So, we use our senses to get the data inside our heads.

Knowledge is our understanding of the world. It’s the total sum of everything that’s come in through our senses, which our brains then structure to build a kind of map of how we think the world works.

Information helps us learn about things we don’t directly experience. In a sense, it’s a way of capturing data (as well as knowledge) which we can then store and move about. On the model, we use the image of a photograph to represent this.

Finally, we use our knowledge to take decisions. In Infogineering, a decision is synonymous with an action. You have to do something. You can “decide to do it later” as this is an intention, which is part of knowledge.

We can rearrange the model to create decision loops.

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