Information Overload Tips

Know what information overload is

Firstly, understand what information overload is. Information Overload is when you have too much information to make the correct decision.

Focus on the decisions that you need to take – rather than the amount of information. Once you know why you need the information in the first place, you’ll find you can ignore or skim read most things.

Don’t try to rediscover the wheel. If you think someone may already have the answer for what you are looking for, try a search engine. And make sure you know how to use search engines effectively.

Write things down. When reading through dozens of pages, you may find yourself skimming back and forth as you forget what you read earlier. Write brief notes as you go – so that you never have to go back.

General Rules

Get off e-mail mailing lists, unless something you have read in them has made a difference in the last month.

Don’t try to use your brain as a hard drive. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can use search engines to find out things as you need them.

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