The Infogineering Processes

Infogineering is centred around a series of processes, which change the value of the information in some way. The aim is to make the information more valuable for the reader/listener.

The major processes are as follows…

  • Simplification: Reshaping the information to make it smaller, and faster to consume. “Less is more”. [More Details…]
  • Filtering: Removing irrelevant information. [More Details…]
  • Formatting: Using various formatting techniques to highlight the key information, and also avoiding those that cause confusion [More Details…]
  • Layout: How you position your information on a page or screen, and how information is grouped [More Details…]
  • Colour: Which colours are useful from an infogineering point of view [More Details…]
  • Customisation: Focusing on the person who will be reading or using your information [More Details…]
  • Standards and Expectations: Don’t get smart or “creative.” If there is a common way to do something, do it that way [More Details…]
  • Layered Complexity: Only giving the reader the minimum information necessary, with the option to find out more if needed [More Details…]
  • Stories, Analogies and Metaphors: Presenting the underlying concept you are trying to get across in a number of ways [More Details…]
  • Avoiding Ambiguities: If something can be read more than one way, it will be. [More Details…]
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